Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shoulder Treatments?

After hours of messing around with strips of velvet, I *may* have come up with a plan. These pictures are terrible, and don't really show the detail, but *meh*.

(One day I'll get a new point-n-shoot!!!)
On Bertha

Laid out flat

Yeah, that doesn't tell you much about lumpy snake! Maybe some MS Paint, perhaps?

I'm pretty sure I like this weaving pattern, but now I'm stuck with what else to do with it! The corners of the open squares need to be tacked, whether decoratively or otherwise for everything to keep its shape.

Option 1 - tack braided trim along edge/parallel to edge, put buttons at each tacked corner of open square

Option 2 - tack corners of open square, attach buttons in the middle of the strap. May or may not add trim....


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