Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend and Whatnot

I finally got TRH's projects out of my trunk and I started working on them late Saturday. I really meant to start on Friday, but didn't have the motivation - then I got a very late start to the day on Saturday, and spent the greater portion of the day wracking my brainz trying to find where I had put the *bleeping* patterns. (Of course I put them somewhere completely random saying to myself all the while "I had better put them here, it'll be *safe* here")

Anyhoo, finally got started really late on Saturday afternoon, but couldn't keep my focus! (I am absolutely terrible about sewing all by myself - I kept wandering around the house and finding *shiny*......)

Cozmo 'helped' by holding down those pesky finished pieces....

(Thea - if TRH have any goggie allergies, *everything* will need to be washed. My house is very goggie filled and not safe for those of the allergic sector. The undertunics should probably be washed before *real* wearing anyway - my iron kept spitting ugly little spots....but it should come out just fine in a hot water wash with OxyClean)

Of course, I kept my holding pattern of being all distracticated and mopey, so I didn't finish on time for Thea to pick up on Sunday afternoon. (Bad Serafina - no biscotti!!) I have just a couple more seams on the very last tunic, and they're ready to go back to Thea!

(Thea, I am *so sorry*....I am the embodiment of *lame* this weekend! I will make sure it's not a hassle to get these to you before you leave on Saturday - I pinkie swear!)

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