Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yay Preggo Pictures!

Many thanks to ayeshadream for pointing me to the following websites:

Below are my two favorite late(r) period -

But I just adore this one, for so many reasons! Check out what looks like a crown french braid on the chick in the red, and the bright blue lady in the background is wearing what looks like a full-head snood!

And here are some random ponderings I had while checking out the headgear - all four ladies appear to be pregnant, and this is supposed to be of Mary (of mother of Jesus fame) - but here's the weird thing.....three of the four ladies are wearing various shades of blue, and all appear to be pregnant. The central figure, who has the gold crown of glory ("crown of heaven", maybe? I may have made those terms up - I'm not sure) and is being attended on by a male (Joseph?) figure, also with the crown, is wearing red. So, is this pre- "Mary always wears blue"? or from some other Christian tradition (look closely at the eyes, they're not very "western") where Mary isn't signified by blue?

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