Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gryphon and Hammer Scroll - Progress

By the end of the weekend, I bet I can get this totally knocked out. Not my best work in the entire world, but I'm pretty happy with it. (Jaquelinne totally saved my butt by doing the calligraphy on this scroll. Thanks again

(I forgot to snap pics of the underdrawing, so pretend there's one at the very beginning with only pencil...)

I'm really hoping the armored fighter who gets this scroll isn't offended by a) flowers and/or b) nekkit little cherubs holding weapons. (he's decent, but still nekkit....he's holding a sword! He has a buckler! Oh hey, I just noticed I made him left-handed. Ha. Or maybe cherubs are just stupid and don't know how to fight. He is holding the sword pretty awkwardly.....)

I meant to do a more *manly* scroll, but it kinda didn't end up that way. Oh well, I still have the capitol to go.....maybe I can make up for the frou-frou border by adding some extra *manness* in the capitol.

The capitol in the inspiration piece is really, really *yawn*, so I'm going to poke around and see if I can find something better. I'm about 85% done with two scrolls, and only one more to start......yay!

Then I really need to get back to my victorian(s). I'm starting to panic about being ready for CC. Argh! Speaking of which, I need to send in my application Right. Now.


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