Saturday, March 20, 2010

Scribal Day! (And more!)

I had scheduled a semi-impromptu scribal day today - and a lot more people than I had anticipated showed up. (Which isn't a bad thing, but completely unexpected!)

Astrid wasn't doing scribally stuff, but came over to hang out with us anyway. She finished her 'brainsucker' hat fairly early in the afternoon - which I totally want to steal, it is *SO* cute!

Holly came up north for a goggie weight pull, and since she was in the neighborhood, she stopped by and is going to be spending the night. YAY! (She finally has a bed in the Holly-in-law apartment.)

I also actually made some progress on my pea pod scroll! FINALLY!!! I also offered my scroll up as a Baby Gryphon scroll, and it was accepted, so I'm really excited about that. (Because it's going to someone I really like!)

This is after the shading of the acanthus, and the goldwork....

Aaaaand, after the capitol, and whitework and some lame outlining that I'm going to re-do after I replace my old gnarly brush....

Some closer-ups......

This is the style I chose for the Gryphon and Hammer I was comissioned to do (for Quest? I need to find out when it's actually due...). Jaquelinne kindly did the calligraphy for me - she has such a beautiful hand, it makes me jealous! (Not to mention her crazy cool whitework....this gal has some crazy skillz!) Hopefully I'll be able to complete this one in a reasonable amount of time, since it's actually a comission rather than a "hey, I kinda wanna do this!"

So, all in all, a fantastic day, and actually quite productive, considering how much chatting was going on!

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