Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The plan is coming together.....

I'm spending the weekends exclusively on the vic, and the weekdays on the bodies. (Since the vic will require some serious time investment to get traction, while the bodies can be worked on and set down sporadically) So far, so good! Alas, the pictures for the bodies are kinda boring-like. (Unless someone is just dying to know how to make hand bound eyelets?)

Last night I got all of my eyelets marked out on both sides, and 6 of them completely bound. Not too shabby considering I left work late, got caught up in some epic traffic, went grocery shopping, cooked dinner, and spent almost an hour searching for my *BLEEPING* beeswax. (Which I didn't find until this morning, completely by chance, in a room I never would have thought it would be in, but that's another matter. By the by, beeswax that has gone through the washer and dryer is a very *interesting* tactile experience.)

I still have not decided my method for binding. Hm. I'll have to ponder that some more. I can't wait until the eyelets are all done so I can strap it on and see if it fits! (That has to be the worst thing about corsetry of any type - you never quite know how it's all going to fit until it's acutally done. Eep!)

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