Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lovely day, and some progress!

I spent the midday hanging out with my Laurel and friends fabric shopping and lunching. Michelle came over this afternoon for some pattern drafting help.

I've spent far too much time finishing up my vic petticoats (really, I'm moving like molasses), but they're *finally* all done. I have my gold silk underskirt cut out, so I'll be starting on that first thing in the morning!


Just one more shot of the bustle (because I just love it!)

I've promised my Laurel I'd enter the upcoming A&S (only entering a piece or two), so I've all but decided on entering the bodies. Just need to finish them up and write the dreaded documentation. I'll be working on the bodies during the week since it's all hand sewing, but for now, I'm feeling the vic groove! :)

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