Wednesday, May 19, 2010

0% Motivation for Camp Dress... I worked some more on my pin pillow. I'm giving myself one more afternoon of laziness, then it's down to some serious business. (If I feel up to it, I actually may even start tonight....)

I'm still struggling a bit with making curves nice and smooth, especially curves that go to the right, but it's coming right along. I am now officially 3/8 done, and I'm starting on the last section that will mark the 1/2 way mark! As soon as I'm done with this guy, I'll be moving the frame so I can easily access the other side. Yay! If I were to go back now, I would know how to handle the strawberries and columbines better. The first flower I actually *like* is the can actually see the progression of my techinical skill from one flower to the next! (Not to say I'm skilled at all, but I've been learning a lot!)

This is how far I got after one episode of "Glee" and one episode of "Chuck". It doesn't look like much, but there is a *lot* of unpicking represented here!

I'm actually hopeful I will finish this embroidery project, so I splurged this morning and bought some silk for the tassels and cording. I need to find some good silver gilt, or just use some of the gold I have in my stash already. Hmmmmm. Well, miles to go before I get to that point!

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