Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Linen Camp Dress, con't....

I didn't get nearly as much done last night as I was hoping to. always happens that way, doesn't it?! Something that you're absolutely sure will only take 20 minutes ends up taking hours and hours.

(Please note that since I'm forcing myself to work from my stash only, the colors are not what I would have picked out if I were starting this project from scratch. As it is, the shades are *close enough* for my purposes....)

So, here's my completed eyelets, complete with (nasty) ribbon lacing:

Last night I hand sewed the two skirt side-back seams. Yay me?

And I started on the guard along the top front edge of the bodice. After I have the two rows of backstitching complete, I'll fray and fluff out the edges. There are two layers of linen in the guard to give extra 'fluff'....

So, my goal for tonight is to finish the guard, and hem the skirt. That gives me two nights to figure out what the &*^$# I'm going to do about the sleeves, make a coif, try to find an appropriate camacia and petticoat/s (and make sure they're washed).

I want Friday off work. :(

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