Monday, June 28, 2010

Finally, some pics!

The hat: *squee!*

The skirt:

Because I got all tubby since last year, I've torn apart my skirt and re-did the waistband, integrating the bustled over skirt....just like in my antique victorian skirt! I'm a bit proud of myself, even though it's just a glorified wrap around skirt.

The bustled portion of the skirt is attached to the gold skirt waistband....

The right front/forward opening of the gold skirt is where the waistband starts. The striped bustle section is pleated into the gold skirt waistband...

Then continues on the same waistband for the striped apron front....

And then ends at the slit on the opposite (left) side of the skirt.

The bustling/ruching on the right side of the skirt is all thanks to a system of rings and strings......

And this is what it looks like! Yay! (The bow on the slit side is actually going to go on the peplum of the bodice.)

Also of note - because of the expansion that prompted the skirt re-do, I've had to make a new bodice as well. (GRRRRRR!!!!)
BUT. I think this one will turn out just as/even nicer.

Proof of Bodice:

To finish off this outfit, I just need to finish the neckline and hem of the bodice and figure out a hairpiece for the up-do. Recently there was talk in El-Jay land of a sale at an online wig shop....I might go see if that is still happening.

HOLY CRAP ONLY A MONTH LEFT!!!! Where did the time go?!

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