Monday, June 14, 2010

Random Bits

-I (barely) survived the past week at work. It was epic and awful. I'll spare you all the gory details, suffice it to say I'm at the end of my proverbial rope.

-I've been helping Sherece and Theresa over the last week or so with beefing up their wardrobe for Uprising. They both now have a full Roman to wear. I made a side-back laced kirtle for Theresa, and handed it over with only the hem and eyelets to go. Theresa made a Viking for Sherece while Sherece did the eyelets, so that all worked out nicely. Various other bits have been made and/or mended.

The kirtle looks a bit lumpy when laid flat - the bodice is graded over a curve so it's nice and smooooth. :)

Here's Mo and Meaty 'helping' me....

-I started a smocked apron for my Laurel, but it appears she may not be going to Uprising. I'll try to get it done in time anyhow.

-I need to gather up stuff for the Laurel Prize Tourney. I'm trying to display stuff that wasn't on display *last* year....So far, I've come up with:
*Hand sewn camp dress (I'm actually going to be wearing this)
*Black Italian (I need to clean and mend this - it's been through a lot in the last 8 months!!)
*Pulledwork caul (I can't remember if I displayed this or not last year. Hm. Need to get back from Val if I am going to display.)
*Hand sewn stays (+doc!!)
*Jaquelinne's elevation gown (I'm still a smidge nervous about this one, but I will take it out for display, then take it right back to the car)
I wish I had just a smidgeon more time so I could make up some rosewater, just so I have non-sewy stuff displayed. (no rly, I do other stuff too!!!)

-Feeling physically like crap. There was a scary moment over the weekend, but all is well now. Will be going to Dr. very, very soon.

-SISTER IS HOME! Well, she's been home for a while now, but I just can't stop saying it. The True Blood/Welcome Home party was very fun, and I got to hang out with a whole grundle of people I don't see very often, which was super nice. The weather cleared up just hours before the grilling was to begin, so we didn't even have to hide out in the garage for BBQing! I really need some patio furniture, and a pergola. Yesh, a nice pergola......

Here is the cake that was randomly at the bakery when I went to pick up something cake-y for the party......awesome!

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