Friday, July 23, 2010

Fitting Stuff

On a whim, I decided to try a different pair of bodies with the gown. It's only slightly different than my handsewn linen pair (though not as comfortable)

This pair of bodies does different things to mah bewbies, so it's a bit more *strained* at the top. Overall, I think it's OK, but I will most likely to back to my other pair. This pair shows the 'ridge' at the top of the bodice more than my other pair do. This may be covered with some sort of trimming if for some reason I go with this pair instead. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the front, though I wish I had cut about 1" more on the center fronts - I have very limited room to play with, and the silk is fraying like mad, taking up valuable seam allowance real estate. I zig-zagged the edges to make sure there is no further retreat.

Anyway. See the weird wrinkles at the side back? Well, I think those are mostly caused by the overly small armscye biting into my armpit, and finding nowhere to go. Now that I see this picture, I'm pretty convinced that those big wrinkles will go away once I start hacking out the arm holes a bit.

The center back is so weird! I swear, IRL, those teeny horizontal wrinkles don't show up nearly as much. There's something to do with flash or something that's making them look worse than they really are. The back is fairly beaten up from hours of hand sewing - it does look much better after a fresh pressing.

As far as the neckline in the back - it is for sure overly high. I'll be ripping off the shoulder straps and seeing if I can lower everything by making the straps a smoodge longer (check the picture above - I have a freakishly long waist, and there is plenty of room to move the whole bodice down a touch), or if I need to hack at the neckline itself. It may be a combination of the two.

Arm chub. EEEW. (Look past my disgusting arms....I'm sorry y'all had to see that!)

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