Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Moar 18th c stuff

I didn't get anything done last night, other than pleating the skirt (only pinned, not sewn), because mah baby took me out for a date night. :) I remembered to snap some pictures before I went to bed, though.....

To start off, here is a pic of one of the stains from the tea after cleaning - I knew it wouldn't be pretty.....

I've already shared the first pic with you, but this second one is a little zoomed in on the stitching. It's very much not perfect, but the stripes distract a lot! (This is also pre-ironing - the little wubbles towards the bottom steamed out with a good pressing)

Here's the facing I was talking about yesterday. I'm kind of *meh* about it, but it's on there for good now. Long story short, my glue gun (unbeknownst to me) dripped a gob of glue on my pressing board.....I ironed the facing over that gob, and then ironed the facing after it was attached to my dress, sooooo....yeah. I kinda am stuck (quite literally). I think it's time to recover my pressing board before I really ruin something!

Bertha is decidedly not me-shaped, so there are some crazy @$$ wrinkles going on at the waist. I promise, it is not so on me!

I forgot to take some 'before' pictures of the straw hat, but it was one of those ubiquitous 'rennie' straw hats with the high rounded crown. I raided my kitchen until I found a lid that was just about the right size and shape for the new crown, and I stretched and squished and molded wet straw until I got something sorta what I was looking for. I loaded it down with bottles and jugs to dry overnight. As you can see, it is very far from perfect (especially when viewed from the side!) but it'll do in a pinch. I don't have the heart to rip off all the beautiful decor on my purchased 18th c hats, so this will have to suffice - if I end up doing a hat at all, that is.

Bit of a test with some ruching around the crown. Too big! I still haven't decided if I'm going to cover it, and what shape it will eventually take, but that's all stuff for after I finish up the sewing bits!

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