Monday, July 26, 2010

Itty Bitty Update

I barely got any sewing in over the weekend, and that which got done, I'm none to pleased about. (Uber-crabby mood is not condusive to sewing magic.) My sleeves, that only felt slightly constricting on Friday felt like death grips on Sunday, I messed up some stuff on the cut-away (but is fixable - the lining just shifted and made dumb puckers.) Intermittent fevers made fiddling, fitting, ironing and corsetting a touch-and-go operation.

The only other thing I got done is the beginnings of the false front thingy. I made a faux opening (just with a little flappy bit), and I'll be permanently sewing on some buttons to complete the effect. I used a thing fusible batting to give it a bit of body, and to camoflauge the ridges of my bodies.

I'm still not perfectly convinced that a seperate front is the way to go, and I've not gone so far down that road that I can't change my mind if I decide to do so.

Anyway, here's where I'm at, with some swaths of fabric pretending to be a petticoat:

(Huh - now I'm looking at this picture, it's looking a bit crooked....I hope that's just because I was in a rush and standing awkwardly to get the picture done. Ugh.)

Speaking of petticoats - there is no way I'm going to get away with only one - the silk is far too see-thru! So, here's the I flat-line the silk, or make a seperate petticoat? Hmmmmm.

Tonight, I am going to make some fabric buttons for the faux closure and see how I feel about it remaining a seperate piece. I may or may not move on to getting the bum worked out - I think that's next on the list so I can hem my gown and know where to go for length on the petticoat.

I almost forgot the bonus goggie!!! Momo helping me with my hand sewing....

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