Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Random stuff


Because bodice_goddess is an evil, evil woman, she sent me this link.  (Ribbons GALORE)

I've been messing around with embroidery editing software to learn how it works, and came up with these:

In extreme happiness for my new machine and embroidery software, I am moved to host a giveaway!  (Hurrah?)  So - the first two people who send me a message with 1.  Which fictional guild did I get the inspiration from, and 2.  Your mailing address, will be the recipients.

(If I don't get anyone who knows what they are, I'll explain and then see if there are any takers.....)

Also, I have to show off Matt the Minor and his new outfit, made by the lovely Strid.  I think he's hooked on the SCA!  (Seriously, I'd adopt this kid, if he were of an adoptable age!)

(See?!  The sullen teenager smiles!  OMG!)

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