Friday, May 6, 2011

NOLA preliminary post

Which means I’ll be torturing y’all with more pictures!  The fabulous thing about this is there was a lot more textile/costuming related material to come….but this post is mostly about the touristy stuff; I have to create at least a little suspense, right?  (I’m actually kind of surprised at how many costuming things I can post about – hooray for topical posts!)

Well, to start off, our first night was so miserably muggy, I was getting worried about how I would possibly survive the rest of the week – but lo and behold, after that first night, it was beautiful 24/7.

I didn’t keep a diary religiously as I did the last time I went, and I’m afraid I don’t have a whole lot of insight to add to the minute details, so on to the pictures!

One of my besties, Sherece and I on Bourbon Street (being touristy, of course!)…….


View of Jackson Square from Café du Monde (which I ate at nearly every day…..)


Streetcar not named “Desire”….


Sherece and I being uber touristy on a carriage ride…..

DSCN0922Massively impressive architecture…..




And before you grow weary of my post waxing too long, last but certainly not least, gardenia bushes every few steps.  I was in heaven!……..


Fear not!  I have many exiting costuming things to share with you (when I recover) I just need to make sure I can do it proper justice fully rested and haul properly photographed.  (Did I say haul?  Why yes I did…….muahahaha…………)

Well, there’s my flight, so I’m signing off!!!

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  1. Awesome pictures! Made me want to go to New Orleans...a lot! Maybe someday..... At least your photos gave me a taste of it! So glad you got to go! Love ya!