Monday, June 20, 2011

Uprising Redux

Pictures?  No.  I am the worst when it comes to taking pictures at camping events….what follows is devoid of pictures; though I’ll go trawling through teh ebil Facebook and see if there is any pictures out there….

Where to start!  Uprising was such a blast.  I had an excellent time, and Holly’s camp was welcoming and wonderful as always.  There were a bunch of people I missed terribly, but hopefully that will be remedied at Baron’s War.  Nothing like hanging out with My Peeps to make everything seem right with the world!

Uprising was cold.  Like, hardcore cold.  I think I was a little taken back since the last couple of years have been unbearably hot – I had kind of prepared myself for that outcome!  Thankfully, I had the foresight to pack my old blue woolen cotehardie…..I ended up wearing it nearly every day!  (Changed into it after dark when it got really cold)  Adding to my list of things I forgot/couldn’t find…..I couldn’t find my wool hood that goes with that cote, but I wasn’t worried since I was expecting to never even wear that dress.  Oh how wrong was I?! 

Pastiche, one of my favorite dealers-of-choice was there, and I wandered over to grab some wool to make a quickie hood (since I had my entire sewing kit, why not, right?)  as she was cutting yardage of some yummy plum wool for my new hood, I turned around and saw an already-made mantle.  So I bought both.  >.<  (I also bought a couple of awesome books – I’ll talk more about those in another post)

And I have a secret……..I totally remembered why I loved my old persona.  Camping.  Oh yes.  I’m going to have to rebuild my earlier period wardrobe…..I was so comfy and warm!

My bed.  Let me tell you how much I love it.  It’s high enough I can shove all my totes underneath and hide them all away – and the futon is nice and insulated.  I just need to get some more sheep skins to finish lining the bed, and I’m good to go!  (I actually do want to make new bedclothes specifically for the camp bed, but that will have to wait until after I’ve gotten a pavilion!)

I have a terrible addiction to period pottery, and there is a gentleman here locally that has started to produce some excellent pieces.  I picked up two new cook pots (one with feet and one without) and a jug for Holly.

I didn’t sew on a single piece of trim for the Baron’s War coat; it was just to rainy/windy/miserable to be very productive!

As crazy as the weather was, I am completely re-invigorated for the camping season……now to find myself a pavilion (again)!


  1. Yayyy!! You're back! *grin*

    Glad you had fun and I hope to get a taste of the whole SCA thing you've been telling me about when I come up there for Bari

  2. I'm so glad you had fun!  I wish I could have gone but I would have just been a whiny snot with my teefs being all hurty.  We need to get together ASAP for blackwork swappage and to see if there's anything else I can help you with.  

  3. I'm glad you had fun too.  I suspected it might be cold so I feel a little better about missing out.  When you have time, I want to make a trip up so I can show you your new fab garters and maybe get some patterning help.

  4. I love when you camp with us!  I misses you already...

    I know what you mean about being hyped for camping now: on the way home I was dreaming of the finials, pennons, shelves, etc. that I can use to make my camp/booth more spiffy.

    Oh, and I LOVE my new jug!  :D