Monday, August 11, 2008

Patterns purchased

Sis and I ended up buying some patterns last night:

18th century Women's Underpinnings
1740s-1790s Stays
Sacque or Robe Fran├žais
Open Robe Anglais

I need to do some poking about to see if I can find out what is going on underneath 18th c. gowns. The biggest question for me right now is if there are petticoats worn underneath the gown. I would have to assume that there is at least something between the hoops and the gown, otherwise the boning could show though. If there are indeed petticoats, how many, and what kind? (I can't imagine there would be *too* many, since the weight of multiple petticoats could crush the panniers?)

I am so very excited to be helping Sis (now ofglen_abashed) with her 18th c. outfit. She even wants to do a massive hairstyle! (How cool is that?!)

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