Tuesday, October 25, 2011

*Actually* sewing! OMG!

I started digging into Holly’s bodice this morning, and even took pictures!  (Ah, excuse the messy background, I didn’t realize how awful it was!)
Alas, it’s a pic of boring pad stitching that doesn’t even show up that well, so meh.  But my post now has a pic!
The remainder of the day is going to be divided between dinner (roast is in the oven, rolls are rising, and pumpkins are mashed for pies…..I’ll have to take breaks periodically to keep the kitchen magic happening!), and getting the bodice underway.  My own personal goal is to get the bodice 100% done so the evening can be spent eating nommy dinner and doing eyelets. 
Tomorrow should be skirt attachment and patterning – I’m hoping to keep up the momentum, last time Holly came up to sew, I was so sick I barely left the couch all week long! >.<

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  1. I'm coming to invade you this week (somehow).  You have been warned.  That is all.