Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Progress (sort of), and even more drama in the household

And the hits just keep coming......Last night Holly and I were concerned about the hollowed, skeletal look developing on one side of Tiny's face. I made an appointment with the vet first thing in the morning.
Basically, he (probably) has an auto immune muscle wasting disease that attacks facial muscles. At the worst, it could give him a kind of lockjaw in which would make it impossible to open his mouth. It could also make it painful to chew. Right now, he seems to not have any side effects at all, other than the cosmetic wasting. We are hoping that with steroids, it will halt (and hopefully reverse, even a little bit) the damage.
Anyway, after all that drama subsided a bit, I was able to continue to work on Holly's gown, albeit more slowly than I had intended.
I am hoping to get the skirt fully attached before I pass out tonight!
( SD card is not playing nice for some reasoon! Argh! Pics forthcoming....)


  1. BLARGH!  I decree, no more drama!  WTF life?  Also, I finished my bodice like 2 weeks ago and have been staring at my roll of fabric, not wanting to cut skirts because I've lost all steam.  Feh.

  2. Oh no, poor Tiny! I'm so sorry :( Such a sweet little guy. I'm glad you're sewing again! Is this Holly's ACC gown?