Monday, November 5, 2012

A Cunning Hat Indeed!

My brother received his hat this past weekend, and as payment, sent me a picture of himself wearing it.....

It kind of makes me giggle with excitement - I think this is the best version yet!  (Although the ear flapadoodles are way, way curly....I think (hopefully!) they'll relax over time with some tugging and whatnot!

I've made massive progress on the Alice in Wonderland Tea gown for Melia, but I need to get around to photographing what I've done!  Less than a week away, and as a super-bonus, Jannean is coming out to visit that weekend and attend the tea as well!


  1. Can you make Jordan one of those? How much would it be? 

  2. I've charged $40 in the past - price could be different depending on any sale prices for the yarn at time of purchase.  :)