Monday, September 9, 2013

Quilting Sidetrack

We had a family dinner for my moms birthday yesterday - and being the fidgety person that I am, I lugged along my quilting project to work on while we sat around and chatted.  Within minutes of breaking it out, my mom disappeared and came back with a whole stack of quilt blocks that my grandma had made.  When she passed away, the unfinished project has moved from place to place, but no forward momentum made on this cute little project!

We could tell that she was planning to make a HUGE quilt, by the sheer number of little squares cut out (all of fabric from projects she had worked on over the years).  There are 12 mostly-finished 12 pane squares.  I'm thinking of finishing them up as-is, and instead of joining them (as they were originally meant to be), I'm probably going to add some sort of decorative sashing and finish the quilt up that way.  (Any quilters out there have an opinion??)

I suppose I'll have to give it back to my mom when it is complete, but I can already tell, I'll be loathe to part with it!  The consolation to all of this is, I am keeping the box full of pre-cut squares!  I had a fun time guessing the origin & dates of some of the fabrics....they're really quite varied!

I started grabbing out some coordinating colors -- I can tell already I'm going to have fun with them!  It is fun having a sort of crafty connection with my grandma!

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