Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Took longer than I expected......

.....as do most things, to be honest!  I thought that it would take 1 day to paint furniture and 1 day to unpack & organize the sewing room.  HAHAHA!

2.5 days later, I finally have some more furniture in my house:

But.......my sewing room looks like this:  (brace yourself!)

The whole room doesn't look like this, thankfully!  That corner has been piled high because the other two corners are slowly coming together:

I'm hoping to fit one more of the narrower shelves to the right of the fabric shelves....and to be able to somehow fold space and time to get it all to fit in said shelves!

My lovely and patient sis came over last night and helped me build one more set of shelves, and organize fabrics - she's amazing, thank you seester!!!

I'm holding one more yard sale to try and free up a little more room - so if there is something that you may like, let me know!  

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