Monday, December 15, 2008

12th Night

Holy blast from the past, Batman! I made this dress for Tianna back when we did "Twelfth Night" for 12th Night. She played Olivia, and I played Viola. It was so much fun, I really wish there was a recording of it, we worked so hard! I don't even know if there were pictures taken. :(

Full length views

Details of the dress. The dress itself didn't take *that* long to make since we already had all of the understuff made, and I've made this type of dress multiple times for her before. I am still extremely pleased with the sleeves. From the poofs to the slashes, I think the sleeves turned out very nicely. We still need pearls on the sleeves, and Holly borrowed one of my shirts, because I didn't have time to finish a new one for her, but here it is! She looked fabulous!

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