Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Embroidery Project Update (sort of)

I think I'm going to start posting each set of flowers as they finish. Some flowers only have one or two sets, some a ton, so I will post when I've finished an entire set. I need to catch up on some, though! (Don't worry, the set I'm working on right now (carnations) actually has6 7 of them, so it will be a while before I post those! The damage so far......(close ups of what I posted earlier)

I did the daffodils first because there were only two of them! I think they're super cute!
(2 daffodills)

The pea-pods came next, because their uber-cuteness was calling to me. I did chain stitch everywhere but the peas themselves...those I did in satin stitch, because they're soooo tineh!
(4 sets of two pea pods)

Next up were the gilly flowers (or what I *think* are gilly flowers!) I love these little guys too...they're cute! The pointy yellow bits are satin stitch, the rest is chain.
(2 gilly flowers)

I finished the two orange-y red flowers last night. Not sure what these guys are supposed to be, since there are other flowers that I'm sure are tudor roses, so what are these dudes? Anyway, mostly chain stitch, with the pointy bits satin stitch.
(2 orange flowers)

Next up, carnations! I just recounted, and there are acutally 7 of these! I think I'm going to do half in blue, and half in yellow. Mebbe. I have to see how the color palette is looking after I finish the matching set of blues.

I'm still being a wuss about the plaited braid stitch. It's stressin' me out, man!!

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