Monday, December 29, 2008

Belated holiday greetings, and some catching up...

I hope everyone has had a fantastic holiday! Only one more to go....I am pretty dang excited about the New Years party. 'Twill be fun.

For christmas, Husband tried so hard to make it wonderful....and it was. There were a couple of things that *ahem* didn't work.

I've been saying how I would really like a small tv in my sewing room to listen to movies as I work. Right before christmas, Husband came home with a 40" tv, and said "Merry Christmas! Where do you want it?" I sat there dumbfounded and said "um, well....where do *you* want it?". Husband was all crestfallen and told me that it was the TV for my sewing room. I just had to laugh. Poor guy. There was no way in all of creation that thing was going to fit ANYWHERE in my sewing room. I had to explain to him that all I needed was something that played movies so I could listen, I don't really *watch* anything while sewing. So, the TV became the joint present, and it now lives in our bedroom. (Kind of big for a bedroom TV, but oh well.)

Shortly after the TV debacle, Husband comes home with shelves for my sewing room to put all my fabric on. (oh the joy!) But in the end, they were 1/2" too big to fit into my closet, so they became garage shelves. (Which is a good thing, anyway!)

The one thing that worked out perfectly was PoF4. I am SO excited!! I've drooled all over the pictures, and now I need to go back through and actually read everything!

After christmas, Husband took me shopping, and we got shelves that fit my closet. I also went to an embroidery shop and got some embroidery toys. I got a GIANT hank of yellow wool (really, it is huge...I wrapped the card to bursting, and the original hank looks like I've barely touched it!), and a few skeins of embroidery silk. I also ended up with black and white sewing silk, and four packages of boullion. (w00t!)

I think I've given up on the whole gold embroidery with plaited braid stitch. (Especially being a beginner and all.) I'm going to test out the new silk and wool to see what I like better. I have not quite decided what stitch I want to do, that needs to be tested out as well. I'll probably post about that later!

I will probably need to go back and get some more green wool, I'm quickly running out of green, and there are still a lot of leaves to be done!

I had a nice christmas eve get-together with Husband's family. Quite the eclectic bunch! Husbands brother and his wife have been staying with us for the past couple of weeks, and are here until the end of this week. It's been interesting having people in the house. Cozmo is very wary of their large dog, and Demitri doesn't quite know what to think of their birds. He gets quite worried when they start making a ruckous.

On Christmas, I really wanted to make cinnamon rolls, and I had pies to make for the dinner that night. I had planned to go grocery shopping after the in-law's dinner, but by the time we left, all the stores were closed! On Christmas morning, I got up early and started hunting around for anything that was open. It was *NOT* fun at all. Of the stores that were open, it took going to 2 Walgreens, a 7-11, and a Maverick to gather enough supplies. I still had to call my sister and beg for brown sugar. (THANK YOU, SIS!!)

The cinnamon rolls turned out OK, even though there was a butter tragedy half-way through. The pies turned out DELISH. Yum yum. Cranberry-apple pie is my new favorite dessert of all-time. I think I may have gotten the recipe worked out, although next time, I'm going to try dried cranberries instead of fresh, and see if that makes any difference in the runny-ness.

Christmas day, (after the shopping fiasco) was very pleasant. The cinnamon rolls worked out great, and I found enough milk (4 1/2 gallons....much more expensive than whole gallons!) to make Abuelita hot chocolate for everyone. Mom, dad, and youngest brother came over to exchange gifts, watch a movie, and eat cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. Oldest brother was able to stop by with his wife long enough to snarf some rolls and chocolate before heading over to her family for dinner. The rest of us piled over to Sis' house for a yummy yummy dinner of smoked cornish game hens, potatoes, and goat cheese. (I think I'm the only one that ate the goat cheese.) Oh my, was that dinner GOOD!

I'm now back at work today....isn't it weird that the only time I seem to find to blog is at work?? Wrong, I tells ya!

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