Friday, January 2, 2009

Test Lizzie Coif Construction, Creation, and Finished Product...

I wanted to make a test coif to make sure that I knew what I was doing when it came to hacking into and stitching the coif I've been laboring over for months! I ironed and starched a piece of fabric large enough for 2 layers of the coif. I cut two pieces out exactly the same size as the coif I'm embroidering. I sewed the sides and top together, clipped the seams, and turned right side out.

I then stitched the top together. (Next time I will make the seam about 4" shorter) I cartridge pleated the open section with heavy thread at the back and tied off.

(Back pleated and tied off, top seam)

(Top, stitched together, the back is gathered together, and the front edge has lace whipped to it.)

I turned under the bottom edge, stitched together, and created a casing for the lucet cord

(Bottom edge, gathered on lucet cord)

I spent about 2 minutes messing with my hair to get a "frysse" hairstyle. When I do it for real, I'll take more time and do straight parts, and use more pins. (I only used 2!!)

I parted my hair from ear to ear, and then sectioned down the center. I rolled each section backwards and pinned in place. (There are very few times I am thankful for super-curly hair, and right now is one of them!!)

I need to get a swatch of fake hair to braid and use as a bun, since my hair is not thick or long enough to fill out the back of the coif.

(Side view of hairstyle and coif)

(Front view of hairstyle...coif peeking out!)

(Top of hairstyle and coif)

(Back of hairstyle and coif)

(Top/back view of hairstyle and coif)

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