Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blue Dress Update....(Gold undersleeve edition)

Because I'm procrastinating ripping off the skirt, I'm going to post about the gold undersleeves!

I started out witha regular sleeve pattern slit it up the middle....

I had originally thought I would seperate the pieces evenly, but after looking at the full size paper pattern, I decided it would be better to open only the bottom....which left me more or less with a large rectangle. I ended up with a cuff that was just about double the width of the regular sleeve.

I turned up and ironed the cuff to create a nice finished edge of the ruffles...

Then, I box pleated through the entire width of the sleeve. (This took......forever. and ever. and ever.)

One down, one to go!

Both sleeves finally creased, pinned, and stay stitched....the wrist is stitched at the edge of the turn-up, and the forearm stitch is about 3" above that...

The ribbons are pinned in place over the stitching. One end looped and became the button loops. On the outside edge, I angled out the pleats to create a placket for the sleeve opening.

Close-up of how it all works...

And the loops/placket

And this is what it looks like on! YAY!

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