Monday, April 27, 2009

Blue Dress Update...Weekend Sewing Madness!

Teh Holly came down late Friday afternoon. We tried to get the shopping we needed to get done before everything closed, but we ended up not getting anything done.

I stayed up way too late working on drafting a pattern and getting started on things, so the next morning, I woke up late, pushing the shopping trip even later. Beth-a-Val met us at the fabric store, as did my mom with a multitude of cupons in hand. Much shopping ensued! Holly, Val, and I went to lunch, and we finally headed home to dive into the project in earnest. Valerie spend the bulk of the afternoon generally being helpful and conversational.

By the end of the weekend, we had a working undergarment, bodice, skirt, and undersleeves, (pictues below) all of which are in the hand-finishing stage at the moment.

(The 'wall of inspiration')

Holly and I agreed that whether the portrait dress needed supportive undergarments or not, we'd be making something to hold everything where it should be. Thus was born the "Italian Sports Bra". I used the Eleanor Toledo bodies as an inspiration. I ended up cutting off the bottom of the bodies (right above the side gores)

Beginning of the fitting....I wanted to keep some softness of the bust, so the only thing boned is the center front.

Flipping up the bottom of the bodies pattern where the gores begin. Yep! This will work!

and the front of the mock-up, shortened to match the back

The pieces cut out

Front of the bodies, constructed, with boning down the front. The bias is sewn down around the edges, hasn't been tacked down yet...that's the woobly bits around the armscye and neckline!

I love this really shows off the rounded, soft line I'm looking for. The straps are going to be pulled slightly tighter, the pins couldn't take the pressure!

Next up.....tomorrow, I'll post about the bodice.

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