Friday, May 1, 2009

Yay! I'm over half-way done tacking the pleats into place. The front half of the skirt has regular box pleats, the back half has double-stacked (organ?) pleats. Next step is to attach it to the bodice. (Then after that, I'll need Holly's body for the sleeves! Well....I could probably start tackling the ties connundrum. Still makes me twitch.)

Peekshurs of the skirt-y-ness... )I only have the pinned section to go!!!

This is looking from the outside of the skirt. The opening is going to be 1/2" out from the right hand side of the bodice. (If you can see it, the upside down pin on the left marks the bodice edge, the valley to the right is where the opening is)

And this is the inside of the skirt. I'm tacking twill tape to the front 10" or so to hopefully keep the nice straight line of the skirt across the opening. (Also to reinforce the hooks and eyes that will eventually close the skirt)

Aaaaand....the opening. The left side goes behind the right, I'll be adding hooks and eyes to the inside, and to the outside. I am hoping that I'll be able to tuck one of the hooks neatly behind the pleat that creates the invisible opening. The opening is actually quite a bit longer than shows in the picture.

I don't think I've mentioned it before, but I cut the skirt so the selvedge was at the hem. I flipped over all of the excess (about 10" or so) to the inside, and that became the padding for the pleats.

Um...yeah! I think I should be done with the tacking by late tonight, and start on the skirt attachment tomorrow. I'm totally fired up to get this done, I have so many other projects that are running around in my little brain!

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