Monday, June 22, 2009

Cranford Dress....nearing completion!!!

Well, I tried it on for the first time, and I feel so.......swishy!!! (I actually felt a little bit like Little Bo Peep, to tell the truth)

I still need to:
-Hem (In progress)
-Add hooks up the back
-Make bum roll
-Trim bonnet
-Add ties to bonnet
-Trim side curls
-Make sleeve puffles? (or tack into place for less poofy style)
-Make belt
-Make reticule (?)

I got a pair of slippers that I think will work fairly well...I wish the toes were a bit longer/squarer like the shoes of the period, but since they will be covered pretty much all the time, I'm not too worried about it. (But they are kinda cute!)

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