Friday, June 26, 2009

Red Velvet Dress con't (more different other from the RVIoD dress, btw)

Thankfully, I decided to work from home today....I woke up to two giant piles of doggie barf in the took almost an hour to get cleaned up........eeeeeeugh. o.O

But now on to more pleasant things.....I've go the bodice sewn back together, and this time, it fits. (phew!) I flatlined all of the velvet with a thick black canvas. (The reverse side shows the seams quite well!)

I need to edit the neckline a bit....I looked at the portrait again and it's more of a "V" rather than a scoop. I've learned that it is Very Important to constantly check and re-check my source, since my mind automatically fills in things that are not quite correct (Case in point, below)

I'm struggling with the boning channels. Normally, I do not bone my bodices at all, with the exception of the center back seam. I think this bodice is going to need some extra boning up the front, and down each side as well.....I thihnk I'm going to use the old standby, zipties. I'll be covering the boning with bias tape, and then tack the boning casing to the seam somehow. This is out of my range of experience, so once again, and SUGGESTIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

The first boning in it's casing....only two to four more to go (depending on if I decide to do two rows down the sides or not.)

It's been crazy busy at work today, so my whole plan of sewing inbetween client fires has been totally shot down. poo.

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