Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sewing Room Update's ALIVE!!!

Holly, there's an armchair and a blankie in the corner for you (and dogs) to lounge in! Demitri is so very thoughtfully keeping your spot warm. (the goggies are very pleased that they have somewhere to be in the room with me. Since the Great Sewing Room Update, they've been very displeased that they no longer had 'their' space in my room.) I purchased a $90 rug at a yard sale for $10, and it's now the "must be clean" zone. It helps me to have a defined area that must be kept free from clutter at all times! And it's just big enough to be a great staging area for Bertha.

I've also found a short-ish bookcase that fits under the window in which I've stashed most of my trimmings baskets. There's 6 there, and I can't remember what each one is devoted to and where it is! I had memorized everything, but since I moved everything around (again) I'm drawing a blank! I know I have two more baskets that fit into the genre that don't fit, and they're currently residing under the cutting table.

On top of the bookcase is my huge basket of "to be finished" projects. I'm hoping if I keep them out in the open so they can continue to taunt and make me feel guilty, one day they'll actually be finished!

The long-term plan is to find a floor-to-ceiling bookcase to go in the corner opposite the door to store trimmings and supplies, and the bookcase under the window will become a bookcase for...ya know, books. But that's down the road, since I haven't found an appropriate bookcase for a reasonable price. (yet)

Next on the list of wants is a TV and a cable box so I have something to listen while I'm puttering around in my room alone. All alone. :( I hate sewing by myself.

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