Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vic Hattery Updates, or, Adventures in Millinery

I am an absolute beginner when it comes to millinery, so this step-by-step may only end up being a warning to others - don't make my mistakes!

I tried reading the instructions, but they were not very helpful or clear. (mostly due to the strange layout of instructions for different views.)

I very quickly learned that pushing the felt up is *not* the way to go. (see the wrinkles on the buckram and the felt? Yah. That's not good.) I salvaged what I could and moved on to the other side...

Haha! Success! Besides looking much like a Lovett pastry, all the wrinkles are worked out to the edge of the hat, leaving the crown nice and smooth. This is what I was aiming for!

I guess I'm supposed to trim the edge??? I turned the bottom over the edge, but it doesn't seem right to do it again for the other side. Hm. We'll see how it goes, I guess.

Okiedokie - The lining and fashion fabric (which just so happen to be the *same* fabric) have been stretched over the buckram + felt base. Not too shabby for my first attempt! (Now looking less like a sickly Lovett pastry, and more like a lovely Elizabeths Bakery pastry!)

Ok, this is where I got *really* confused! I just ended up ziq-zag stitching around the brim, because I didn't quite know what to do at this point! It'll all be covered up by trim, so I'm not too worried about it.

At first I loved the idea of the gold brush fringe on the underside, but now I'm not so sure. I am, however LOVING the box-pleated trim! Nothing is sewn down yet, but this is the basic idea. I need to figure out how I'm going to cover the stitching running down the middle of the trim. *Ponder*

Ok, I admit, it's still looking pretty lame at this point, but it will get better! Getting the tilt and oval shape to the crown and brim will do wonders for making this hat look more like a hat and less like a giant gold bowl.

Tonight I'll work on finishing up the box pleats and the standing ribbons. It'll look more like a hat then, I hope! yah, not liking the brush fringe so much. I think it's coming off tonight.

I'm on the hunt for birds/bird wings/feathers to frolic upon mah chapeau like these ladies have.....

And bonus! Pleated collar precedent!

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