Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sewing Update (Late weekend edition)

Well, it actually looks much the same as it did the last time I posted, but honestly, I did a LOT of stuff, and turned my fingers to hamburger in the process. I felt very unproductive - these are the finishing not-so-fun parts that take forever. Well, that and I went to bed before 8 every night. Man, I needed that.

Ok, so here's what I did:
-Attached lining at sleeve cuffs
-Made and attached standing collar (inside ruffled collar)
-Tacked bias ribbons between ruffles
-Closed bag lining opening
-Tacked inverted pleats
-Made and attached 3 rosette-y things to bustle area

My inverted pleats are looking a wee bit sad. After some steaming and spreading out over a bustle, I have faith they'll look more presentable. Right now they just look wonky and sad. I'm trying to decide about the rosettes. Take away the gold and leave the buttons? Leave it alone completely? I dunno. It's an easy fix, whatever I end up doing.

Yesterday I started on the hat, since all I have left on the bodice is the button holes. And button holes scare me TO DEATH. I hate 'em. With a passion. So I'm going to go on to something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT....YAY! Hats of cuteness!

Uh. Ok. So it's pretty lame right now, I admit....but when it's done, it'll be cute.....I hope! So far all I have is the buckram base and the millinery wire attached.

I have wild fantasies about being able to get home before 7:30 pm so I can get some quality time in the sewing room before I pass out. We'll see how that works out. *yeah right*

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