Sunday, August 1, 2010

Feeling better about the fitting...

I was so bummed this morning when I put everything on - nothing seemed to fit right! (I'm sure my mood didn't help out too much, but still. I wasn't happy.)

Anyway, on a whim, I decided to try on my other set of stays, and OMG. I feel SO. MUCH. BETTER. It's flatter in the front than my other pair, so the silhouette isn't quite right, but the overall fit is better. Huh. Odd. Anyway, without further are some quick shots! (The polonais-ing was done quickly, and I'll actually get something better worked out than a couple of pins shoved into my bum!)

I still am unsure about the need for a petticoat. I think I'll survive without one, but it would probably be nice to have one. Tomorrow after work, I'm going to go to the local beauty supply store to see if I can get something to help beef up my hair. I think my budget is $15.00 or less. Oh how I wish I had a wig to go with this gown....I really don't want to have to futz around with my hair on the day!

here are the shoes that I'm going to try to deck out to look more 18th c. They're not quite the right shape, but they're closer than anything else I've got on hand.

So. Left to do:
-figure out hair
-gussy up shoes
-find/purchase stockings
-figure out polonaise tapes


  1. I am in love with this gown! It's so pretty!  You just have to love the stripes, too! :)

  2. Hi there!  I'm going through and very, very belatedly replying to comments - I'm sorry I took so long getting back to you!  Thank you very much - I quite enjoyed this gown, even after all the angst it caused!

    One day, I will need to find an excuse to make another 18th c gown!