Sunday, August 1, 2010

Getting down to crunch time.

I finished the petticoat last night, and I was able to put on the whole shebang on this morning. I'm not terribly happy about how it's all fitting and going together. I'm forging ahead, however. I'll find out on the day whether I feel like wearing it or not. I really wish my stays fit better, I think that would solve a lot of my angsting. :(

Anyway, I went on to the less angsty stuff:

Here's the false front.

I decided at the last second to change hat plans, and go for something along the lines of some sort of combination of these, (only with a poufy cloth top)

Here's the hat all trussed up for shaping.....(It's 102 degrees outside, so I'm hoping it won't take too long for it to dry and I can get going on the rest of it.

I went round to every craft store I could think of to try to find another straw hat for a backup in case I ruin the ONE I have. (Seriously, I used to have at least five!! Where did they all go?!)

I found some pretty awesome feathers, tho...


  1. Wow this is SUCH a great idea! Is the poofy fabric just sewn straight onto the straw brim??

  2. Hi!  Sorry I'm getting back to you so late, but yes!  It's just back stitched from the inside to the straw.  A nice, big, thick upholstery needle works *great* for this.  (I also found it was easier to just wiggle through the weave than try and pierce the straw itself.)