Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Remember these guys?

I did the same process for the hat  buckle for these shoe buckles.  I decided to do a bow instead of a latchet, I don't feel like I have enough skillz (or patience) to go through the process of covering the entire shoe.  Anyway, back to the 'buckles'....

I messed around a whole bunch trying out different styles and fabrics.  The gold silk looked kinda silly with the gold buckle, and the ivory silk would get lost in the petticoats, so stripes is was.  I like the double-bow look that I ended up with!  It's actually one bow that is gathered and tucked under.

Yeah, they're not the best thing in the world, but they're better than tennis shoes!  ;)  Check out those sexxay jammies....heh.

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