Monday, September 13, 2010



I don't have too many pictures of Coronation, but here are a few to give you a flavor of what went on.....

Phae sewing, Michelle sitting in the shade....

"Pre-Show" entertainment from Mistress Casamira and Master Braden.

My sister looking ever-lovin adorable, Mistress Bianca in the background looking as composed and beautiful as ever, and our lovely Baroness with her addition to the Barony.  (Ain't he the cutest?!)

The final product:  (Thank you SO much for all the assistance from my friends and loved ones during the construction!  My hubby also gets major props for putting up with me throughout this project.)

Let's face it - girls' clothes is so much more interesting.  (My excuse for not getting more pictures of Timmur.  Sorry, Timmur.)

Her gown, if it looks familiar, is (loosely) based on this one right 'ere.  The sleeves on the kirtle are pinked, which doesn't show up at all on camera, but I personally think the texture IRL is pretty amazing.  There are things I would change about it if I were ever to do it again, but for a first time taking a stab at this style, I think I did pretty OK.  (I'm pretty chuffed at myself for all the handsewing on this beast.  All the applique, lace, trim, guimp, 89% of the seams etc, etc are all hand sewn.  Only my stays come anywhere close to the total number of (wo)man hours put into handsewing.  And this one, blows them out of the water.)

I'm still not sure on the status of posting about this project, so I'm gonna play it safe and only post pictures of when it's publicly worn.  I need to check, because I have some close ups and tutorials I'd love to share with y'all.

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