Monday, September 13, 2010

Sis' project!

My sister and I have been working on an outfit for her hubby, and I am so very proud of the way she's been jumping in there and doing stuff!  I consider this her first full-scale sewing project, and I'm inordinately proud of her.  The doublet just needs lining tacked, eyelets for the points, and buttons/buttonholes, and the trousers just need the points and the buttons/button holes.

Here's the Man trying it on for the first time.  Hurrah!!!  (Looking a bit "Man from Snowy River" at the moment, but not for long. We'll get him Medieval-i-fied in no time!)

(p.s.  Sis, if you want me to take down the pic, let me know.  But I have to show off your mad skillz!!!)

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