Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Multiple Things


Thing the First:  I will be going up to Kingdom Collegium on Friday, Nov 5 - staying overnight at a yet-to-be-determined motel/hotel, and then potentially booking it home again the second the event is over Saturday Nov 6  (actual return date TBD, depending on tiredness/sleepiness level and how long it actually takes to make the drive, and how long the event runs).  I'll for sure be going, The Strid is most likely coming along as well.  I'll have room for 1-2 (comfortably) more people if anyone else wants to get in on the out-of-area action.

ETA:  the estimated drive time is 7 hours.  (WHOA)  I will need to reschedule my class on Friday night and leave directly after work instead.  With a 7-hr drive, I may have to stay the night Saturday (I don't really want to, but we'll see what happens.)

ETA 2:  There are a plethora of hotel/motel options in Missoula.  I'm a snob, and will pay the extra $40 to have a relatively nice place to sleep.  That being said, if anyone wants to carpool, please let me know what your hotel/motel preferences are, and we'll work together to get appropriate lodgings.  (Rooming together will reduce cost.....just sayin')

Thing the Second:  I'm feeling that my wardrobe is decidedly lacking for someone who is going to be teaching classes.  I'm thinking about attempting to whip up something new in time to take to Collegium.  This project is TBD.  Hm.

Thing the Third:  TEA!  I'm holding another tea - scheduled for November 14.  Site is TBD, but it's definately on the 13th, and it'll most likely be in the SLC/Layton area.  The theme will be "Literary Charachters" - so please start thinking about how you'd portray your favorite character from literature.....any genre, any time period!  (Hurrah!)  Paper invites forthcoming......(waiting on site - if you have a suggestion, please let me know and we'll get this ball movin'!)  Uhm.  The Kingdom calendar listsT4T as the 13th. d'oh.  Ah, c'est la vie.  bodice_goddess - as that is the weekend that you're going to be down here, do you want to go to an SCA event??

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