Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Roundup

I swear, I will get back to my regular posting habits, right after I recover from the whirlwind this week has been!

(next up: stays, another set of panniers, & some sacque gowns!)

For now, behold the cute:

Nephew, stepdaughter, and niece all in a row with their enormous egg haul! I should have made my nephew something as well!


Stepdaughter with her favorite egg – it’s bright blue with blue sparkles on it – it’s a ‘robin egg’. (We were forbidden to eat it – even as far as lunchtime today!) I have to admit, my favorite part of this whole outfit is the crazy orange flower. It just makes me happy!


My niece used the butterfly net she got in her Easter basket to ‘catch’ eggs….more than one egg suffered a cracked shell from her attempts to move the egg from the net to her ‘gasket’.

For the most part, the older two were very patient with the little one, and let her get the ‘easy’ eggs. Towards the end, however, they figured out that the plastic eggs were full of money and candy, so they would shake each egg, and if it made a noise, put it in their basket…and if it did not, would call the little one over and point excitedly “Look, an egg!”


And one final picture, for not other reason that it is cute as all get out!



  1. Too cute! You did a greta job on Emma's dress

  2. It was so fun to have two Noelle originals on Easter. Cuteness squared! Seriously had such a good time. Thank you for spending the time with us!

  3. Thanks for the great weekend! It was good to spread the fun over two days and two locations! I love the "cute as a button" button and orange flower in Emma's headband!