Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quick Update Post

I’ll have a picture of the second set of panniers soon, they’re almost photographable!

Other Noelle has nearly finished her stays, and they are gorgeous!


We went to JoAnns today, and I found this lovely celery green brocade – the picture does not do it justice!  Guess how much it was?!  No really, guess.


You’re wrong.  It was $3.50/yd.  BWAHAHAHA.  Score!

Also, Other Noelle and I have come up with a logo for our joint project.  Conveniently enough, both our last names start with “P”; so the monogram is “Double Noelle Project/P-for-last-name”

ndp logo

1 comment:

  1. Those stays are intense! Pattern matching on a corset?! Very ambitious and well executed!

    What will the brocade be used for?