Monday, April 25, 2011


I’m thinking of starting an Etsy store to support my costuming habit (at least a little bit).

Question #1 – What should I name my store?  Any opinions?  My top choices are already taken (of course), and I’m running low on the creativity at the moment.

Question #2 – Should I have one store, mixing crafting and costuming together or two separate stores?  (I don’t know a lot about Etsy, so this may not even be possible.)

I’m going to start on the costuming front by cleaning out my closet and posting things that I don’t need any longer/no longer fit.

I have a few crafting things to throw up there, too:

Three headbands leftover from Emma’s Easter outfit:

And a goofy little gift card ‘purse’, also from materials left over from the Easter project….


  1. You can most certainly do more than one store on etsy. Having things targeted is nice, but the most important thing seems to be having a full store. If you are up for keeping them both stocked and watching both stores, do two, but if you aren't up for that, just do some nice divisions for a single shop.

  2. I'd do just one store. People can always click on the categories to filter out what they aren't looking for.

    I've no ideas for a name, but this sounds like an excellent idea! I hope there's some costuming stuff I can buy from you :)

  3. Well, I'm always a sucker for Beau Monde... maybe beaumondecreations? It looks like it's available. The spelling may make it harder to find, though. I'll keep thinking!

  4. Before I read the other comments, I was thinking two specialized stores would be nice. After I read the the advice about having one store with different divisions, that made sense to my vote is one store - different sections. I too like Beau Monde . What other names are you thinking of? I'd vote if I heard some more options!
    Love ya!

  5. Etsy stores are really easy to set up and maintain, so having two wouldn't be that bad. Still, it's always easier to only have to worry about one! I have no suggestions as to a name (brain fail!), but I like Beau Monde too. :)