Saturday, August 13, 2011

MMM Pics

I finally figured out the best way to get Lil Miss to sit still long enough to get her picture taken was to have her sit on my lap.  It was so hellishly hot, I finally gave in and took of my sleeves for a short while.  I promise, I wore them for most of the day!  (As a side-note, my sister came up with a cunning plan to keep my sleeves on properly – the trick is to twist the loops before buttoning.  Amazing!)
My nephew was so insistent on having his picture taken while roaring and screaming around – way too much energy! 

The trick to get him to pose properly is to get him to sit with his sister!

Here are a couple “in action” shots of Lil Miss in her kirtle.  She was twirling and spinning and dancing around so much, it was hard to get a good shot!
At the end of the day, there was a “torchlight” boffer tourney for the kids – with glow light necklaces taped to the swords, shields and helmets.  Michael was so excited!

I didn’t get any pictures of the red surcote, as she wore it last night (and apparently she wouldn’t take it off last night to go to bed!), and I didn’t remember to grab any pictures of the “owen incess” (roman princess) dress. 


  1. Super cute photos of the Kelley Kids! They look adorable and the boffer tourney sounds right up Michael's alley. Aislinn looks like an "incess" indeed!

  2. Had tons of fun and can't wait for the next event.  Little Man wants a cape with a hood (preferably black) so I think I'll start working on that next.