Monday, December 22, 2008

More coif-y updates

Here is the general color scheme for the rest of the coif. (Mostly so I remember what goes where!) Oh yeah, the purples at the top? Those are the supre-cute wooden thread winders from the event!

And now onto what is actually done......
(4 blue carnations)

(1 giant yellow carnation)

(1 mutant something....a thistle? It didn't turn out very thistle-y if that is what it is...)

That leaves only 4 'major' flowers to be done. Then comes all the tedious filling-in work. All the leaves and teeny flowers and such. I'm ignoring the scroll work for as long as possible since I have no idea where to even start on that. I need to find out what the best gold to use is, and how to actually *do* a plaited braid stitch. *dies*

I may end up doing something else for the scrolls, but I really want the gold! :(

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