Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pincushion = Finished!

I think I needed a small project that could be finished in a couple of days. The coif is getting kind of depressing. The pincushion is finished, and kinda cute, if I do say so myself! (Looking at it now, it would be a cool way to make xmas tree decorations. I think I might work on some through the next year to give away. Nice little personalized prezzie for peeps.)

But on to the finihed project:

Inside of the cushion, five seams sewn together (My is that messy! Thankfully, my coif is no where near that messy on the insides.)

Outside of the cushion, five seams sewn. (I ended up doing the scrolly vines that courtierka suggested on the long ends. I left the second short end blank. Oh well.)

Finished sides

Finished top. (I need to find a design that lends itself more easily to fabric....it's really hard to get a fleur symmetrical!)

I'm going to be picking up the coif again later today, but I'm giving my hands a much-needed break. My tendons are stiff and sore, and my fingertips are growing callous!

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