Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blue Dress Update....(Looking more like a dress!!)

My fingertips are hamburger! I can't for the life of me get used to using a thimble. I usually end up hurting myself more than if I had not used it. I think I need to look into getting a leather thimble or something.

Aaaanyway......Here's the dress! (The white part is a piece of paper for contrast)

And a closer view....I'm pretty proud of how square everything turned out!

Do you see an opening? It's invisible! I know I keep crowing about it, but I really am proud of that little placket!

Deconstructing the placket....the left hand side is hooked inside of the bodice. The hook on the edge will be tucked underneath the pleat to the right.

There's the pleat pulled out of the way to show the hook buried inside. (Man, it was hard getting that thing back in there!)

And the whole ensemble from the inside.

So.....I might end up sewing on the ribbons. I'm still trying to decide! If I *do*sew them on, do I hand sew or machine sew? Oh the dilemmas!

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