Sunday, July 26, 2009

CC Countdown! (and Other)

I made my split drawers, and then decided I hated the gathering...unfortunatly I had already done the buttonhole, so I could only undo the waistband so far. It ended up pretty good in the end, however. I love the lace at the hem, it's totally cheezy cute. The split goes all the way around the crotch, but when they're on, you can't even tell. I'm really excited that absolutly all sewing is done, and I have 3.5 days to go! It feels weird, almost like I'm cheating.


And the red dress is done! Once again, I forgot to take picture of the whole ensemble while it was on! After this picture, I added lace to the sleeve edge.

Things I need to do (X is finished!!!)

X-Wash gutchies
X-make drawers
X-sew buttons on petticoats
X-starch petticoats
Current/Ongoing - iron petticoats (I've done both of the 'easy' ones...all I have left is the flounced petticoat. I'm intimidated! I bought a new ironing board cover, since all the ironing I did last night finally did in my old cover.)
X-Make hairpieces
X-Wash shawls
X-Wash cap

Red Velvet:
X-Tack neckline and sleeves
X-Make lace inserts (sleeves)
X-Sew skirt

Purple cotton:
X-Sew on hook & eyes (This would be done, but I only had 2 hooks, I need three!)
Starch dress - I think I'm going to wait to do this for when we get there, no point in starching and ironing dress only to have it packed away in a hot car for 12+ hours!)

Current - Dye hair. I'm going to wake Holly up from her nap as soon as I'm done posting to help me dye my hair again.
Eyebrows - hopefully will do this tonight!
Ongoing - Pack!!!! (I'm slowly gathering all the stuff I need to pack. I am SO paranoid I'll forget something!


Ok, now the more different other stuff. I showed up late (by 15 minutes!!) to the Desserts competition. All the time, money, and energy! I just about cried my eyes out in front of everybody. I was so crushed. But, I set up anyway, and cooked a whole shload of cakes for anyone who would eat them, and it turned out super fun in the end. There was a whole bank of people watching me cook. ;)

I didn't end up with a single cake left over, and I have the feeling that I could have doubled the total number of cakes, and still not had any leftovers!

I have TONS and TONS of butter and clotted cream left over, though. I need to start giving it away, there is far too much for two people to eat!

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