Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LA! Fabric!!!....SHOPPING!!!!!!!!

I spent *every penny* that I came with. :D And I could have spent a lot, lot more!

And Holly, guess what?! There is not only blocks of fabric shopping, there is also blocks and blocks of bead and jewelry shopping too!!!

These pictures don't even begin to describe the enormity of the shopping potential!

See all that fabric?! It's like that on both sides of the street...for BLOCKS!!!

An aerial view from the parking garage...

b0dice_g0ddess was an excellent tour guide! There are only a couple of regrets, (as in didn't buy something that I should have, not the other way around!!!) I had a fantastically wonderful time!

I am really super tired, and my poor phone is having a hard time playing at modem and uploading all these pictures, so the stash haul pictures will have to wait until I can get home and use some beefy internet-age.

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